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Before we go into the plan, there's just one more thing to add to the melting pot. It's the Bardello Voting tubes.

The Bardello Voting TGubes

The Bardello Voting Tubes

We fixed 40 clear plastic tubes to the wall of the toilet block and labelled each with the name of one of the Bardello Zumba tracks. We then acquired hundred of glass marbles from House of Marbles - if you are ever stuck for a different present for someone, they have fabulous display marbles costing hundreds! We then asked everyone that visits to put one marble in the tube of their favourite track. If they couldn't remember what it's called, a computer to the side had clips from each available at the touch of a button.

Every Monday evening after the last session, the tubes are emptied and the marbles counted. The two Countdown sessions on Tuesday evening are a faithful countdown of the top 14, starting at 14 and ending, with fanfare, at number 1.

What this very quickly showed us was that there is a great following for the chart and pop tracks. This caused us a problem with Zumba; Zumba is supposed to be at least 70% Latin (or International) tunes. And now our customers as telling us that they want at least as much chart and pop as Latin.

We were not going to get away with calling 50/50 sessions Zumba. It just would not wash. Zumba Fitness LLC based in Florida, were already on our back with regard to violation of logos, trademarks and this, that and the other. This would have been the final straw.

Enter... JAZZLE!

The Bardello JAZZLE

Many people have asked where did we get the name? Well, let's put it this way, it was going to be called 'jazzle. The apostrophe denoting something missing.

So, here's the plan. It's in 4 parts:
  • 1) To start a membership scheme - providing us with fixed income.

  • 2) To raise and insulate the floor and install electric heaters - to stop slippery floor.

  • 3) To introduce new sessions called JAZZLE - for those that appreciate chart and pop over Latin.

  • 4) To put some toning machines into Bardello.

Now, number 4 is interesting. Zumba LLC had recently introduced Zumba In The Circuit. A concept in which participants would do a minute on a piece of toning equipment followed by a minute of choreography. All well and good and a sound proposition. Until you realize that very few gyms arrange their machines in anything like a circle let alone have enough spare to set them aside for an hour or so!

But, we though the concept great and it gave our membership scheme something tangible to sell rather than selling space on the warehouse floor.

We took a total shut down from Wednesday 18 July to Monday 30 July 2012 to raise the floor and install the toning equipment.


19 July 2012. Half of the floor raised. First the laminate floor was taken up, then a damp-proof membrane laid on top of the warehouse screed floor. Then 2" wooden battens laid and insulation rolled in between. 18mm all-weather ply sheets were secured on top of battens on to of which went the soundproofing layer. Finally, the laminate floor was placed on top.


19 July 2012. Floor raise detail. We now have a fully sprung floor of the highest quality. The difference is huge!

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