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Bardello Health and Fitness
Bardello Health and Fitness
Bardello Health and Fitness
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Bardello Move

The spa plant room and engineers from Topline.

Granted, with the spa we were trying to achieve something that to our knowledge had not been done before, that is put a commercial swimming pool water purification and filtration system on to a large ‘domestic’ hot tub. The installation was supposed to take four days, 8 weeks later we had to convene an emergency meeting to establish how we were going to get the system to work.

Bardello Leaky Spa

For Goodness sake! 8 weeks of installation and still it leaks.

After much huffing and puffing, the spa was ready to be used just after 1 January 2014. It wasn’t without its problems though. Through some miscommunication between suppliers, the spa overflow and automatic refill did not work as intended. Annoyingly, the spa had to be limited to two people. This was a valuable lesson for me to learn:

A key lesson: Never buy a key piece of equipment that's only made by one company, especially if it needs regular servicing or could break. If they go to the wall or you have a disagreement with them, what will you do? This is the issue that we have with the suppliers of the spa chemical dosing equipment. Had something gone wrong with it, we would have had no choice but to strip the entire plant room and start again at a likely cost of £10,000.

Further to this, never engage two suppliers to complete what is essentially a single job – if you must, insist that one sub-contracts the other. On reflection, I should have engaged the UK representative of Alps spas to be resonsible for both the spa AND the chemical dosing, in other words, the whole spa package. Doing it this way would no doubt have cost a bit more up front, but it would have been money well spent.

If you break this rule, you run the serious risk of one supplier blaming the other when things don’t work out. Topline, the spa chemical and filtration people blamed Alps Spas and Alps Spas blamed Topline and I was left in the middle. I could do nothing about it as they both dug their heels in. I finally gave up and had to inform our members that although the spa was a 7-seater, only two could use it at once - you can only imagine the comments!


Bardello Move

Jamie from JG Flooring rolls the JayMart Bladerunner rubber flooring.

Bardello Move

The chaps from Aspect Mirror installing the finest super-flat Pilkington glass mirrors.

Emma Wilson, Director, Bardello

The final piece of the jigsaw. Bardello director Emma Wilson, moving the congas.

We did it! On the 2 Jan 2014, our members rejoiced in belonging to a fully-equipped health club comprising: a huge studio with stage, CV machines, Olympic free weights, 109-jet hydrotherapy spa and far infrared sauna.

Bardello Move

The spa area is a wonderful retreat - although despite what you see in this picture, the spa only accommodated two average-sized people without flooding the entire area and then steadfastly refusing to refill itself.

Bardello Move

Time to relax in our far infrared saunna.

Bardello Move

Venda and Emily show us how to do a perfect lat-pulldown exercise in the new gym area.

Bardello Move

The new gym. You can see squat rack, leg press and smith's machine in the background with the Escape rubber dumbbells in the foreground. Out of shot there's; flat bench presses, incline press, multi-jungle machines, free-weight benches etc, etc.

Was our wonderful new health club going to take the world by storm? No! Despite having the best gym equipment available (I am not joking when I say this, Life Fitness and Techno Gym vie for the top slot; the same equipment that we have at Bardello is used in the truly expensive gyms throughout the world), the best stage-based exercise to music sessions, a most fabulous spa and at £19.99 per month, the cheapest subscription rate around we just plateaued at around 1500 members. 1500 members at £19.99 per month was not enough to make Bardello a viable long-term business; something had to be done.

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