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Bardello Health and Fitness
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06:00 - 22:00

06:00 - 22:00

06:00 - 22:00

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Erm.. Not quite!

We have had hundreds of fabulous ZUMBA sessions:

The new Bardello Venue

The best ZUMBA Fitness entertainment... in the world?

We have had fantastic birthdays:

Venda's 40th Party at Bardello

Venda's 40th Party at Bardello, September 2011. She's there, hair looks green, just left of centre.

Great Halloween extravaganzas:

The new Bardello Venue

Jump in the Line at Bardello. Halloween 2011.

Festive Christmas parties:

The new Bardello Venue

Christmas Party 2011 at Bardello.

And truly amazing Party/Masterclass sessions:

ZUMBA Fitness at BARDELLO Party Masterclass

Party/Masterclass February 2012

Numbers were growing(ish) and everything looked good again. Except for two important things:
  • Numbers were dependent upon events outside of our control - the weather, EastEnders plot etc.

  • We were having trouble with occasional slippery floor.

The variable numbers issue was something that we were made acutely aware of during the cold spells of winter 2011/2012. The weather would decimate our attendance that in turn would cripple our income. Whereas our customers could decide whether or not to spend their money with us dependent upon the weather, the same, I am afraid, could not be said for me paying our landlord or the council!

I had been funding Bardello since day one back in September 2009 from the proceeds of the sale of some of my shares in UPG plc. When numbers were good, Bardello just about paid for itself, but when they were bad, as happened a little too often, I would have to step in again. This had to stop. The only way forward was a membership scheme along the same lines as all other big name health clubs.

Bardello Zumba 2012: Leanne Gerrish, Emily Strutt, Helen Frost, Venda Crawford, Emma Bates

The Bardello Team, March 2012. L to R: Leanne Gerrish, Emily Strutt, Helen Frost, Venda Crawford, Emma Bates.

The slippery floor issue was another one that took some working out. Occasionally, for no immediately apparent reason, the floor would become wet and very slippery. So much so, that we had to cancel the occasional session.

Consultant after consultant traipsed in;

"There's only one way to cure this...
  • Spend GBP 45,000 on a central heating system."

  • Spend GBP 75,000 on an air conditioning system."

  • Buy a great big gas heater."

  • Lacquer some grit into the floor."

  • Knock a bloody great hole in the wall!"

Should I go with all 5, or should I use some common sense? Here are the reasons why we occasionally suffered from slippery floor and they needed to occur together:
  • The laminate floor was laid directly on to concrete screed

  • We were prone to rapid ambient temperature rises

  • Airborne water vapour from propane heaters

  • Airborne water vapour from breath

Now, we couldn't do much about ambient temperature rises. The venue is too large and not well insulated. and we couldn't do much about customers breathing. That left the laminate and the water from the propane heaters.

The answer then was to raise and insulate the floor and to rid ourselves of the large propane heaters and replace them with either gas or electric.

We had a plan!

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