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Bardello Health and Fitness
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06:30 - 22:00

06:30 - 22:00

06:30 - 22:00

06:30 - 22:00

06:30 - 22:00

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Bardello Dumbbell Challenge

Why don't we have a 50kg bench press - just for fun - challenge?

Incredible! Keith has raised the bar even further with a stupendous 22 reps on the 50Kg dumbbells! Here it is. That's going to be tough, but as always, not impossible to beat.

If you think that you can beat this, please grab the Bardello Duty Manager who will record your attempt. If you beat the current record or we shoot an interesting video of your attempt, we will post the video on our website, Facebook and Instagram and give you all the credit. Let's see by the end of the year who's on top - there will be a crate of your favourite beer for the champion.

Keith raises the bar even further. 50Kg dumbbells, 22 reps!

List of leaders
Name Date Reps
Keith Homer 13 November 2018 22
Simon Morris 5 September 2018 16
Jake Harbon 3 September 2018 13*
Simon Morris 28 August 2018 10
* Reps not full, therefore attempt does not count

Rules: full reps only, completed without putting the weights down and without assistance - other than to initially be handed the weights. Arms must go from straight to dumbbells touching the chest or level to the chest at which point the dumbbell should be horizontal. The dumbbells should then be pushed up so that the arms are straight again. Bench can be flat or inclined but not declined. Bum, shoulders and head must remain in contact with bench at all times. Videos must be recorded at Bardello by the Duty Manager. If there's any dispute, Emma and I will have the final say.

Good luck,

Emma & Nick

Simon raises the bar. 50Kg dumbbells, 16 reps!

Jake's valiant attempt.