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Bardello Health and Fitness
Bardello Health and Fitness
Bardello Health and Fitness
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36 Monkspath Business Park,
B90 4NZ

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Opening Times:

06:00 - 21:50

06:00 - 21:50

06:00 - 21:50

06:00 - 21:50

06:00 - 21:50

07:30 - 19:50

07:30 - 17:50

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Bardello Members Area

The incredible BARDELLO membership at £16.85 per month by Direct Debit gives you:
  • 150+ pieces of premium Life Fitness® cardio and resistance equipment

  • Life Fitness® Signature Olympic free weight gym with dumbbells to 50kg

  • Huge functional training area including TRX and boxing frames, plyometrics, kettlebells/dumbbells/medicine balls/Bulgarian and sand bags etc up to 40kg!

  • Basketball, badminton & table tennis

  • Fabulous stage-based studio sessions including: Pump, Attack, Combat, HIIT, Piloxing®, ZUMBA Fitness® and BARDELLO JAZZLE™ and MEGAMIX™

Stay as long as you like, do as many sessions as you like.

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VERY IMPORTANT - You need to keep your Bardello Direct Debit active to remain a member and have access to Bardello! Your Bardello membership finishes on the day that you cancel your Bardello Direct Debit.

You need to be 14 years of age or over to be a Bardello member, be able to pay using Direct Debit from a UK bank account and have a valid personal email address.

No nonsense contract:
  1. You remain a member only whilst your Direct Debit Instruction (DDI) with Bardello remains in place.
  2. Cancelling your Bardello DDI cancels your membership with immediate effect.
  3. If your Direct Debit fails for any reason, your membership will deemed to have been cancelled. You will have to re-join and pay the joining fee* if you wish to continue your membership.
  4. If you cancel your Bardello DDI and wish to re-join, you will need to pay the joining fee* prevailing at that time.
  5. If you make a genuine mistake and cancel your Bardello DDI in error, you have 2 working days within which to contact your bank and re-instate the DDI, we cannot do this for you, your bank can do this on your behalf.
  6. Monthly subscription payments are taken on the first working day of each month with the exception of the joining fee* and first month pro rata amount which are taken securely on-line by credit/debit card at the time of joining.
  7. Should you cancel your Bardello DDI mid-month, no refunds are given for the remainder of the month - please read in conjunction with point 2.
  8. You agree not to share your membership card or divulge any PIN you may be given and ensure that nobody uses your details for venue access or access to the Member's area of Bardello's website.
  9. You agree not to grant nor aid access to others using your membership card or PIN or any other person's membership card or PIN.
  10. You recognise that all administration is conducted on-line via the Member's Area of our website.
  11. You use Bardello facilities at your own risk.
  12. You agree to abide by Bardello's general terms of good conduct available at: Bardello Terms.
* The current joining fee is £0.

No nonsense gym rules:
  1. Do not use the gym under the influence of drink, drugs or anything else that may adversely affect your ability to exercise.
  2. Wear appropriate clothing and footwear for training. Do not wear work clothing, jeans, boots, open-toe shoes, flip-flops, sandals or train in bare or stocking feet. Do not wear branded football tops.
  3. Do not wear hoods, caps with brims, sunglasses or anything else that may hide your identity.
  4. Do not use aggressive, abusive, threatening behaviour or bad language. Do not spit or fight. No horseplay. Always be considerate to others.
  5. Do not deface or purposely damage the equipment.
  6. Do not use liquid chalk or liquid grip-aid on the bars or weights.
  7. Do not drop or mishandle weights.
  8. Always put your weights back after use.
  9. Do not lean against or touch the mirrors.
  10. Do not put bags on the gym floor, please use the lockers or pigeon-holes.
  11. No food, drink or gum in the gym besides water in anti-spill sports bottles.
  12. Do not bring or use your own exercise equipment.
  13. Limit your use of mobile phones – do not sit or lean on equipment whilst using them.
  14. Bring a towel and wipe down the machines after use.
  15. If you take photos or videos on the premises, please ensure that you have the permission of those who could be identified.
  16. Only Bardello-authorised personal trainers are allowed to train members.
  17. Do not hog machinery, allow others to work in with you.
  18. Members are responsible for their own belongings.
  19. Bardello does not tolerate inconsiderate behaviour and reserves the right to immediately cancel your membership and call the police if necessary should these rules be broken.

If you are new to BARDELLO, you can come for a quick look around prior to joining. Please come to the on-site Bardello office. Please note that show rounds are subject to the availability of a staff member.

BARDELLO, taking the Midlands by storm since 2009. Incredible!