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Opening Times:

06:00 - 22:00

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Only the best Life Fitness® CV equipment at Bardello. TV consoles on selected treadmills and cross trainers.

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We are very sorry to inform you that the Government has requested that we close completely for the time being as part of the fight against COVID-19. We, therefore, are closed until further notice.

Please can we ask that you keep your Bardello Direct Debit in place so that when we reopen your membership can restart without delay. There will be no further charges from Bardello to your account. Upon reopening, we will credit each members account with amount they have paid for the period 21 - 31 March 2020 from their first bill (GBP 10.85).

If you have already cancelled your Direct Debit with us, but wish to remain a member with your membership on hold, please email us at with the word REJOIN together with either your Bardello PIN, Bardello card number or Bardello membership number and we will do the rest - no money will be taken until we start up.

We thank you very much for all the support you have given us recently and sincerely hope to welcome you to Bardello again soon.


Q. Do I need to book in for a show around?

No. Just come to the turnstiles during opening hours and the duty manager will be happy to show you around - no need to book or to make an appointment.

Q. Do you allow a one-off trial session?

No. We are a member's only club. Having said that you are very welcome to come at any time during our opening hours for a show around.

Q. I cancelled my Direct Debit by mistake - do I have to pay the joining fee again?

If you re-instate your Direct Debit with us within 2 working days, then no. Otherwise, Yes.

Q. Can I suspend my membership?

No. You will have to weigh up the costs of ending your Bardello membership and paying the re-joing fee with the costs of remaining a member.

Q. Do I need to book Basketball, Badminton or Table Tennis?

No, you can just turn up and if the main floor is free just ask the Duty Manager to set your activity up. But to be sure of availablity, please book up to 7 days in advance with Duty Manager or send an email to

Q. I have lost something at Bardello what do I do?

All lost property that we find or is handed in is kept at Bardello for two weeks. Please ask the duty manager in person when you are next at Bardello as we can't do anything via email or Facebook.

Q. Can I bring children to Bardello?

No, you need to be 14 years of age or older to be on the Bardello premise.

Q. Do I need to book classes?

No, just turn up.

Q. I have forgotten my PIN what do I do?

You generate a PIN reminder yourself either at home via the Bardello Members Secure Area or at Bardello using the computer by the turnstiles.

Q. How do I cancel my Bardello membership?

Simply cancel your Bardello Direct Debit directly with your bank.

Q. I cancelled my Direct Debit earlier in the month and the turnstile does not recognize my PIN. Surely I am still a member until the end of the month?

Your membership is cancelled at the moment you cancel your Direct Debit with us. Therefore, your PIN is no longer recognized at the turnstiles. You need to have a valid Direct Debit Instruction in place with us at all times to access the Bardello facility.

Q. I messaged you via Facebook and email but got no reply. Why is this?

Bardello is completely self-service; this enables us to keep our prices as low as possible - administration and the answering of questions accurately takes considerable time which would put up our prices. We believe that all questions are answered here. If you think that your question is not answered here, then please send an email to If your question is indeed not anwered here will will update this FAQ page making your question and answer available to all.



Q. What is BARDELLO?

Bardello is a fully-featured low-cost health club... with a difference - you're never going to have so much fun keeping fit, losing weight and toning up - guaranteed!

As part of our huge 12,500 square foot health club comprising; 120+ piece Life Fitness® Olympic-weight gym and 2,000 square foot functional training area, we run the most incredible fun and entertaining light-hearted group exercise sessions throughout the week at our fabulous nightclub-style venue in Solihull.

Q. What facilities do you have?

  • Large 12,500 sq foot open-plan air-conditioned and climate-controlled modern venue

  • Fully equipped 120+ piece Life Fitness® gym comprising cardio machines, resistance equipment and Olympic free weights.

  • Huge 2,000 square foot functional training area comprising TRX, boxing, plyometrics etc.

  • Large 1,500 square foot cross fit-style Astroturf area for sled pulling and tyre flipping.

  • Huge studio for 150 people with stage and nightclub atmosphere.

  • Basketball, Badminton and Table Tennis.

  • Showers, digital lockers, changing facilities, water fountains and drinks vending machine (All drinks £1).

Q. How do I join?

Easy! You do it yourself from your Internet-connected device: computer, laptop, tablet, mobile phone etc. You join by visiting our website at To join you will need:
  • Access to a UK bank account for you monthly subscription payments.

  • Access to a credit or debit card with which to pay for your first month plus any joining fee together.

  • A personal and unique email address for correspondence with Bardello (please ensure that the email address does not go to your spam folder).

  • A personal and unique mobile phone number (this is only ever used to help uniquely identify you on our system - we will never call nor text you).

  • Access to an Internet-connected device with up-to-date web browser.
The whole process should take no more than 3 minutes at the end of which you will be given your PIN which provides immediate access. You will also receive a welcome email that confirms your membership and PIN. IMPORTANT! Remember to keep your PIN secret at all times.

Q. GBP 16.85 a month is so cheap, what's the catch - how do you keep the price so low?

There's no catch; you get...
  • the very best gym equipment there is,
  • hugely entertaining exercise to music sessions,
  • a great community feel,
  • in a fabulous nightclub-style venue,
  • a no-contract deal
... all for GBP 16.85 a month!

We are able to offer this remarkable, low price to you by removing many elements of a standard gym/health club operation that makes them expensive by comparison. Elements such as pool, spa, steam and sauna facilities are not catered for. Neither do we have a bar nor restaurant nor creche.

In addition, and very importantly, we have totally automated the entire Bardello administration. This unique automation not only reduces our costs (a large reduction that we can pass directly on to you), but puts you completely in control of your membership - you sign up yourself, you update any personal details yourself, you deal with any PIN/card and payment issues yourself and you cancel your membership yourself. As a result of this automation you will notice that we have no reception nor administration staff (there is, however, at least one responsible person on site at all times).

Q. Does the GBP 16.85 include entrance to all classes and do I have to book?

Yes, your GBP 16.85 includes entry to all Bardello classes. No, you do not need to book for classes, just turn up!

Q. Is there a minimum term? Is it really a 'no-contract' agreement?

There is no minimum term - you can leave whenever you like and pay no more!

When we say 'no-contract', we are really referring to there being no minimum term, that is, there is no notice period. It has become an industry-norm to call a gym membership with no notice period a 'no-contract' agreement. There are indeed contract terms like; you must keep your Bardello Direct Debit instruction in place at all times during your membership and you must not share or divulge your Bardello PIN to anyone else - here they are:

No nonsense contract:
  1. You remain a member only whilst your Direct Debit Instruction (DDI) with Bardello remains in place.
  2. Cancelling your Bardello DDI instruction cancels your membership with immediate effect.
  3. If your Direct Debit fails for any reason, your membership will deemed to have been cancelled. You will have to re-join and pay the joining fee* if you wish to continue your membership.
  4. If you cancel your Bardello DDI and wish to re-join, you will need to pay the joining fee* prevailing at that time.
  5. If you make a genuine mistake and cancel your Bardello DDI in error, you have 2 working days within which to contact your bank and re-instate the DDI, we cannot do this for you, your bank can do this on your behalf.
  6. Monthly subscription payments are taken on the first working day of each month with the exception of the joining fee* and first month pro rata amount which are taken securely on-line by credit/debit card at the time of joining.
  7. Should you cancel your Bardello DDI mid-month, no refunds are given for the remainder of the month - please read in conjunction with point 2.
  8. You agree not to share your membership card or divulge any PIN you may be given and ensure that nobody uses your details for venue access or access to the Member's area of Bardello's website.
  9. You agree not to grant nor aid access to others using your membership card or PIN or any other person's membership card or PIN.
  10. You recognise that all administration is conducted on-line via the Member's Area of our website.
  11. You use Bardello facilities at your own risk.
  12. You agree to abide by Bardello's general terms of good conduct available at: Bardello Terms.

Q. I have tried to join and the Bardello website informs me that membership is full, what do I do?

Membership numbers at Bardello are limited to exactly 2,500. This is to ensure that at even the busiest times of the day (i.e. 5pm to 8pm Monday to Thursday) there will never be an unreasonable wait for the equipment of your choice.

If the Bardello website informs you that there are no places available, then please keep trying throughout the day. When members cancel their Direct Debit instructions with us, their membership immediately finishes and their place becomes available. We normally have several places becoming available throughout each day. This is the only way to join, we have no waiting list.

Q. I have been trying to join using your website, but it keeps telling me that I might already be a member and I go round and round, what do I do?

Don't panic! This is because you are attempting to join using an existing member's email address or mobile number - maybe you are using your partner's or child's or parent's who is already or has been a member in the past? The Bardello membership system needs you to have a unique email address and mobile number.

If you have been a member before and you are using the same mobile number but have changed email address in the meantime, you will need to re-join using your old email address and then change it to the new one using the Members Secure Area.

Q. Do I need to be a member to attend?

Yes, you do need to be a member - why not join up right here, right now and start having fun while exercising Of course you can come for a look around before becoming a member. (Show rounds are subject to the availability of a staff member, please come to the on-site staff office; if no answer please wait at the turnstiles.)

Q. I have heard that you are putting up your prices, is this true?

Yes, the monthly fee will rise from £14.99 to £16.85 for all members as from 1 June 2018. This price increase cannot be avoided. if you would like to know more about this, please have a look at:

Q. I am backward and forward to university, can my sister use my membership when I am away? Can I transfer my membership to my mate as I'm no longer using it?

We are very sorry, your sister cannot use your Bardello membership nor can your mate unless they join Bardello themselves. Your Bardello membership is for you and nobody else.

Q. Do you offer a one-off trial session - you used to?

We are very sorry, but no, we haven't for several years. You are, of course, very welcome to come for a show round with a view to joining and if you time your visit so that it coincides with an exercise to music session, you will see Bardello in full swing! (Show rounds are subject to the availability of a staff member, please come to the on-site staff office; if no answer please wait at the turnstiles.)

Q. If I'm a member, can I bring a guest - I'm sure that you used to do a Friday Friend thing?

We are very sorry, but no, you can't bring a guest. We stopped the FFF (Friend for Free on Friday) offer over a year ago. Your guest can, however, come for a show around with a view to joining. (Show rounds are subject to the availability of a staff member, please come to the on-site staff office; if no answer please wait at the turnstiles.)

Q. Do you offer a family or couples discount? - I know that you did in the past as my friend still has a couples membership at Bardello.

We are very sorry, but no. We don't offer family nor couples memberships nor discounted rates.

You are correct, however, we did indeed offer couples memberships at reduced rates, but we stopped offering this at the start of 2015. For ease of administration we still have some members on couples memberships all of whom are on a rate of £33.70 per month per couple - so no different in cost per person to the current single membership of GBP 16.85 per month.

Q. If I introduce new members to Bardello through my physio/rehab referral scheme, can I, or those that I refer, have a discount?

We are very sorry, but no. At GBP 16.85 per month, there are no further discounts to be had.

Q. Can you waive the joining fee? (I have been a member before. I work away for long periods and end up re-joining often. There are several of us from the same family joining at once, etc)

We are very sorry, but no. There are no circumstances in which the joining fee can be removed.

Q. As a member, can I come to Bardello more than once a day?

Yes. Come as many times as you like and stay for as long as you like.

Q. Do you offer WiFi?

Yes! We offer free WiFi to all Bardello members here a Bardello. In order to access the service you will need to have a personal Facebook account and be prepared to accept a Facebook check-in to Bardello. Access is via the 'Bardello Guest' network. You will not need a WiFi password. Standard terms apply - available here.

Q. Can I take photos or videos at Bardello?

Photos and videos are fine, provided that:
  1. You have permission from everyone that is reasonably recognizable in the photo or video.
  2. You do not video or audio record any of the exercise to music sessions as all the music is copyrighted.
  3. You do not use flash photography.
  4. That the photos and videos are for your own personal use, not used commercially and not used for profitable gain.
  5. That due credit is given for them being taken at Bardello.

Q. What should I wear?

Although the venue is heated and ventilated, it's essentially a huge warehouse and can be cool in the winter. Therefore, please dress as if you were going to exercise outdoors. If you are using the gym or taking part in a group exercise session you should wear a comfortable pair of trainers or pumps. We do not allow you to be without suitable footwear. You will need to change out of your outdoor footwear and into your training wear before going on to the dance floor or into the gym. For clothing, T-shirt and jogging bottoms are the norm.

Q. I understand that caps, hoodies and sunglasses are not allowed at Bardello - why?

  • Caps are OK, so long as the brim is turned to cover the back of your head.

  • Hoodies are OK, but not the wearing of the hood.

  • Sunglasses are never OK.

If you are seen to be wearing any of the above or anything else that obscures a clear view of your face, you will be asked to remove it. For security reasons we don't allow anything to be worn that would prevent us from being able to clearly identify you at all times on our CCTV.

There are no exceptions to this rule. This rule applies to the entire Bardello venue including; hall, turnstile area, functional and core areas, CV area and dance floor, free weights area and locker rooms.

Q. What should bring with me?

We recommend that you bring as little as possible, but you might want to bring a water bottle (you can fill these at the water fountains) and a towel.

Q. Can I get something to eat and drink at Bardello?

We have water fountains and a drinks vending machine (all drinks are £1) but offer no food.

Q. Is there always loud music being played, what sort of music is it and can I ask for the music to be changed?

During the exercise to music sessions, the music is played fairly loudly - this is one of the things that creates the unique Bardello atmosphere. The playlists are fixed and no changes or requests can be made.

At other times, the music played in the venue is purely background; generally up-beat chart and pop taken from the "Now That's What I Call Music" albums or similar. There may well be ballroom, Latin, salsa and other dance music played from time to time. We are sorry, but we cannot accommodate music requests.

If our music is not to your taste, there is quite a trend amongst Bardello members in the use of the large Beatsâ„¢ or similar headphones to listen to their favourite music without being disturbed by whatever else is going on.

Q. What can I do with valuables when I'm at Bardello?

Please don't bring valuables to Bardello. There are digital lockers in the changing rooms that require no coins. There is also abundant shelving in each area of the venue within which you can put bags etc so that they are in your view at all times. Please note that Bardello does not take any responsibility for your valuables.

Q. Can I get change at Bardello for the vending machine?

Apart from the vending machine, Bardello is a cashless venue - we keep no cash in the office - so we are very sorry but we cannot help with change.

Q. Exactly what equipment do you have?

Please have a look at for the full list.

Q. What is your heaviest dumbbell?

50kg. If you are asking this question, you probably lift very heavy weights and as such, Bardello may not be the gym for you. Our rubber/urethane dumbbells go from 2kg to 50kg in 2kg increments.

Q. I train fiercely with heavy weights and may even say the occasional X-rated word to encourage me to lift, will I fit in?

Almost certainly not.

If your manner of training is (or appears to be) in any way threatening or intimidating, you will be asked to leave and your membership will be cancelled. We have a large proportion of members to whom gyms and health clubs are new and unfamiliar territory, and who absolutely love Bardello's unique, relaxed atmosphere. They, and probably a large proportion of the remaining Bardello members, would undoubtedly find fierce, heavy training unwelcome. As a consequence, this type of training, behaviour or language is not tolerated.

There are several 'traditional' weightlifting/bodybuilding/martial arts gyms in the Midlands; you would probably fit in better going to one of those than you would at Bardello.

Q. Can I coach another member when at Bardello as I am a fully-qualified personal trainer?

No. You cannot act as a coach at Bardello.

Q. What entertainment do you offer whilst I train?

Several treadmills and Cross Trainers have TV consoles. The main gym area boasts a huge 75" TV showing BT sport throughout the day and a 40" TV showing BBC news. Both are subtitled. There's also the unique entertainment provided by our fantastic exercise to music instructors that can be enjoyed with uninterrupted views from all the treadmills, cross trainers, bikes and rowers!

Q. Will I be fit enough for the Bardello exercise to music sessions?

All Bardello exercise to music sessions are designed to encompass all ranges of fitness and experience. If you feel that your fitness may not be up to scratch still come along, just don't make the movements so large. As the venue is very dark and with a lot of people attending, you can sit out as many tracks as you like without being noticed!

Q. Are the group exercise sessions easy to follow?

All Bardello group exercise sessions are designed so that the first-timer can have a great experience right from the word go. All the moves and the choreography are simple to pick up. It is, however, going to take a few sessions to really get comfortable with the sessions.

Q. I am coming alone to take part in the exercise to music sessions for the first time, will I feel out of place?

No, not at all, it's dark with no mirrors providing plenty of places to hide! You will be totally absorbed in the Bardello experience and so it does not matter with whom or how many people you come with.

Q. I am a complete novice and not been to a gym before, will I get help?

Yes, just email to book your free one-to-one consultation with one of our instructors. The session lasts approximately 20 minutes and you can have two of these. After that, if you feel that you need more help then please contact one of our personal trainers.

Q. Can I use the resistance equipment during a group exercise session as someone has hung their coat on one machine and I can see a bag on another?

Yes, of course. Just be careful of those participating in the session. If someone has put a bag or item of clothing on the machine that you wish to use, carefully remove it and lay it safely on the floor to the side of the machine ensuring that the item is not blocking a thoroughfare or causing a trip hazard.

Q. Is there any age restriction for Bardello membership?

The minimum age for membership is 14. There is of course no upper age limit.

Q. Can I bring my child or children as I have no baby sitter?

We are very sorry, but we cannot allow anyone under 14 years old on the premises at any time. Please don't embarrass us or yourself by bringing them!

Q. How big are your lockers and how do they work?

The lockers are 24.8cm wide by 53cm high by 45cm deep. Each locker has a digital lock. You use a 4-digit PIN of your choosing to lock and to unlock the locker door.


Q. What are the busy times for both the gym and the dance floor and will there be space for me?

The busy times at Bardello are no different from any other major gym; generally between 5pm and 8pm on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Having said that, there has never been a time when we have had to restrict access to either the gym, CV equipment or dance floor due to numbers. Our total membership numbers are restricted to 2,500 to avoid overcrowding.

Q. I attended a class yesterday and it was packed. I nearly got bumped by the person next to me - what can I do about this?

We assume that you attended the 6pm session on Monday or Tuesday or the 9:30am session on Saturday and you stood at the back by the PowerPlate, cross trainers and rowers?

To answer you question very quickly, we recommend that you move to a different position on the dance floor. If you want to reduce the risk of being bumped, move towards the front or move more towards the free weights area on the right hand side you will always find acres of room for you to spread out and go for it!

There's no health and safety issue and nothing that we can do about popular areas of the dance floor; it's up to you to move to a less popular area.

Every popular gym has its busy periods and busy sessions - 'twas always, and will always, be thus. If you genuinely want to attend a less-busy session we recommend that you avoid the 6pm sessions on Monday and Tuesday and the 9:30am sessions at the weekend.

Q. I thought Bardello was a ladies-only gym?

Bardello has never been a ladies-only venue. When we started, back in 2009, we mainly offered Zumba classes which tend to attract women. As the gym has increased in size, so has the number of men. We currently run at about 65% women and 35% men.

Q. Where can I park when I come to Bardello and is there a charge?

We have marked car parking spaces around Bardello that may be accessed by turning left before our building with further spaces available by turning left after our building. There is no charge for parking.

Please do not park in spaces on the other side of the road to Bardello, you may be clamped or charged - this is not part of Monkspath Business Park.

Q. I've left my top at Bardello, what do I do?

At the end of each day the duty manager gathers together anything of obvious value that's been left behind and stores then at the Bardello reception desk. We keep all lost property for two weeks and then they are either disposed of or given to charity.

Please do not email Bardello to tell us that you have left something behind, please just turn up in person as soon as you can and ask the duty manager to check the lost property for you - you will need to provide a good description of the item!

Please also note that we do not consider; shampoo, conditioner, soap, body wash, hair gel/spray, deodorant, hair brushes and combs, underwear, socks, French ticklers, tights/stockings, makeup, tooth brushes and paste, razors to be of value. They will, therefore, be disposed of immediately. We will, however, retain perfume and aftershave, water bottles (not mineral water bottles), towels (not face flannels), shoes/trainers, tops/bottoms.

And finally... Please be aware that property brought into Bardello is done so at your own risk and we cannot be responsible for them not being found or not being handed in if you leave them behind.

Q. How many times should I attend in a week?

As a member, you can come as many times as you like and stay as long as you like! If you are using Bardello sessions to improve your general fitness levels or as part of your weight management then, like any other exercise programme, you should be aiming for at least two sessions per week to notice any significant difference.

Q. Can you let me know which instructors do which sessions as the one I like most has just announced that they are moving to a different time?

We are always trying to keep things on the move at Bardello, so we tend to mix things up fairly often and as such we do no publish which instructor does which sessions. We do understand that all Bardello instructors have a following but feel equally that there's nothing wrong in a change, within reason, every now and again!

In addition, we have to remain flexible with regard to which instructors do which sessions, as instructors lives change. When their lives do change, we try our best to accommodate these changes whilst causing the minimum inconvenience to our members. When necessary instructor changes do happen, there's nothing we can do.

And just to finish, if there are sudden instructor changes due to injury or illness, our priority is to get the session covered and by the very nature of these events, there is normally no time to give members reasonable or meaningful notice.

Q. How do I become a Bardello exercise to music or gym instructor?

Your journey starts by contacting us at Bardello. Drop us an email with your CV to: .

Q. It's really bad weather outside, how can I tell if the exercise to music sessions are running as normal?

This website is kept up to date minute-by-minute. It's a very long time since we had to cancel a session due to weather (the winter of 2012/2013, if our memories serve us correctly, during which the business park road froze over causing many cars to slide), but you can find the up-to-date situation at

Q. When are you going to introduce more exercise to music sessions at times I can attend as I can't get to the morning nor the early evening sessions?

We are constantly monitoring the need for other sessions based on members comments and numbers attending the existing sessions. When we believe that other sessions are needed, we will announce them on this website and in the Bardello venue - so keep looking.

Q. Do you have any gym rules like using chalk, wearing hoodies, bringing my own equipment etc?

Yes, we do and we ask all members to adhere to them as they are put in place to ensure that Bardello remains a great place for all to exercise. Here they are:

No nonsense gym rules:
  1. Do not use the gym under the influence of drink, drugs or anything else that may adversely affect your ability to exercise.
  2. Wear appropriate clothing and footwear for training. Do not wear work clothing, jeans, boots, open-toe shoes, flip-flops, sandals or train in bare or stocking feet. Do not wear branded football tops.
  3. Do not wear hoods, caps with brims, sunglasses or anything else that may hide your identity.
  4. Do not use aggressive, abusive, threatening behaviour or bad language. Do not spit or fight. No horseplay. Always be considerate to others.
  5. Do not deface or purposely damage the equipment.
  6. Do not use liquid chalk or liquid grip-aid on the bars or weights.
  7. Do not drop or mishandle weights.
  8. Always put your weights back after use.
  9. Do not lean against or touch the mirrors.
  10. Do not put bags on the gym floor, please use the lockers or pigeon-holes.
  11. No food, drink or gum in the gym besides water in anti-spill sports bottles.
  12. Do not bring or use your own exercise equipment.
  13. Limit your use of mobile phones – do not sit or lean on equipment whilst using them.
  14. Bring a towel and wipe down the machines after use.
  15. If you take photos or videos on the premises, please ensure that you have the permission of those who could be identified.
  16. Only Bardello-authorised personal trainers are allowed to train members.
  17. Do not hog machinery, allow others to work in with you.
  18. Members are responsible for their own belongings.
  19. Bardello does not tolerate inconsiderate behaviour and reserves the right to immediately cancel your membership and call the police if necessary should these rules be broken.

Q. Can I hire the venue for my party?

We are very sorry, but due to the amount of weight equipment etc it would be unsafe for us to offer the venue for hire.

Q. I run my own local business, can I leave some business cards or leaflets for your members to pickup or can I put a poster up?

We are very sorry, but no. If we were to say yes to you, we'd have to say yes to all our members resulting in real mess of leaflets, bits of paper, discarded business cards etc.

Q. I'd like to know more about how to train effectively, losing weight, diet, etc., what should I do?

We recommend that you attend at least one of the free-of-charge one-to-one member's consultation sessions held in Bardello at the time of your choosing. After that, why not have a chat with one or more of our resident, fully qualified PTs. They do charge for their services, so the best thing to do is to check out their promotion boards in the entrance to Bardello and give each of them a call and arrange to meet.
Please note: Our PTs operate at Bardello on an independent, freelance basis.

Q. I've emailed you and all I got was the standard response directing me to this FAQ page. Can't I have a personal response?

We are very sorry, but if your question is answered on this website, then you will be directed here. We can only respond personally if your question is not answered here or if we consider the answer here to be incomplete or unclear.

Please also note that if we need to respond personally to emails we can only do so during standard office hours which are Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.

Q. I've found an 0845 telephone number for Bardello on a restaurant listing website recently and have tried to call you several times but got no answer. Don't you ever pick up the phone?

That's an old number that we no longer use. We don't have a phone number that you can call us on as all correspondence is via email.

Q. I have a question that is not covered here, what do I do?

No problem. Drop us an email to We may not be able to give you a full personal answer, but our promise to you is that we will promptly update this website if you ask something that's not covered here.



Q. Will I get a membership card through the post when I join?

No. We last issued physical membership cards back in 2014 and we are gradually phasing out their use. When you join or, if you have been a member since 2014 and your card fails to swipe, you will use a PIN for turnstile entry. The use of a PIN is preferable to the use of a physical card as with the use of a PIN, you don't need to remember to bring anything to Bardello.

Q. How long is the Bardello PIN and can I choose my own PIN as I am very bad a remembering these sort of things?

When you join you will receive two 8-digit PINs; a temporary one beginning with a 9 and a permanent one. Don't panic! You only use your temporary PIN for turnstile entry on the day that you join, you use your permanent PIN thereafter. Your permanent PIN comprises 4 random digits followed immediately by the 4 digits of the day and month of your birth e.g. if you were born on 3 August, the last four digits of your permanent PIN will be 0308. Please remember to put the 4 random digits in first followed immediately by your day and month of birth - no need to press ENTER at any point.
We are very sorry, but you cannot choose your own PIN.

Q. I've forgotten my PIN.
I've lost my Bardello membership card.
My Bardello membership card won't work.
I've forgotten my Bardello Members Area login password.

Don't worry, you do all this yourself. If you have forgotten your PIN, lost your Bardello membership card or your Bardello membership card won't work you can use the Bardello Members Area to generate a PIN reminder or replace your Bardello membership card with a PIN (we no longer issue membership cards). If you have forgotten your Bardello Members Area password or not used the Bardello Members Area before please go to

Alternatively, you can generate a PIN reminder or replace your membership card with a PIN using the computer by the turnstiles at Bardello.

Q. I haven't been for a while, will my PIN or Bardello membership card still work?

If you have remained a member during your absence, your Bardello membership card will still work. If you are having to re-join, your Bardello membership card will be replaced with a PIN.

Q. I have a new mobile phone number, email address, surname or postal address, do you need to know them and how do I inform you?

Yes, you should inform us via the Bardello 'Members Area' as soon as you can. We need your latest email address for any correspondence that we might have. We need your mobile phone number (we will never call nor text you) and postal address to help us uniquely identify you on our system.

Q. I need help with my membership, what do I do?

This website and the computer at the Bardello turnstiles supplies you with all the tools necessary for you to administer your Bardello membership yourself; this includes diagnosing and correcting membership issues. I'm afraid that we cannot offer any help at the Bardello office. If anything is not covered or is not clear, please email and we will ensure that the answer to your query is promptly made generally available on this website.

Q. I'd like to phone you discuss something - what's your number? Or failing that, I'd like to pop in and see you.

We are very sorry, but we don't offer a phone number for you to ring us, all correspondence regarding website faults or omissions is conducted by email We also have no facility at the Bardello office with which to help with membership or payment enquiries, this is all done by you using this website or the computer at the Bardello turnstiles.

Q. I've lost my PIN and I've never signed into the Bardello members area... I've tried to use both your website and your computer at the turnstiles which both say that they can't find me. What do I do?

If the Bardello membership system fails to locate you, this is normally because you made several mistakes when entering your information whilst joining or you have changed several items of your personal data such as your surname, mobile number, email address, postal address etc since joining. The system tries its best to locate you, but if too many mistakes or changes have been made, the Bardello system will fail.

Ultimately, the only solution is for you to contact your bank and cancel your Bardello Direct Debit and then re-join Bardello on-line. You will need to pay the re-joining fee. We are sorry, but there is no other remedy.

Q. I'm pregnant!! Can I suspend my membership?


I'm afraid, however, that we have no facility for suspending memberships. You can either:
  • Cancel with a view to re-joining later and, providing we have memberships available, paying the re-joining fee, or
  • Remain a member with a view to keeping as fit as you are safely able throughout your pregnancy and thereby reducing your post-natal recovery.

Q. I've just had what looks like an automated email from Bardello saying: "The Bardello system has picked up an apparent anomalous use of your PIN or card". What's this about?

For both your security and to protect Bardello, we operate a very sophisticated security system throughout the venue. In this case the system will have picked up some activity around the turnstiles that looks decidedly odd. It's likely that the Bardello system thought that you made an unsuccessful attempt at letting someone into Bardello using your PIN or card. The Bardello system will have prevented this from happening using the anti-passback system, and will have issued this email to the member whose PIN or card was being used.

If you receive this email, you need do nothing other than to take seriously the fact that you cannot use your PIN or card to let anyone else into Bardello. As you can imagine, we are very strict at enforcing this!

Q. I have just joined Bardello, at least I got through to Sagepay and it took my payment, but I did not get my PIN on the computer screen and I have not received a welcome email with my PIN number on, what do I do?

This happens because your web browser session was closed before Sagepay had a chance to return control to the Bardello website or you pressed the back or forward buttons on your browser during or just after Sagepay took payment which upset the flow of pages during Bardello sign-up.

Our system normally automatically picks this issue up within a few hours and sends you the Bardello welcome email. But, if the welcome screen on the Bardello website giving you your PIN did not appear after Sagepay and you have not received your welcome email from Bardello confirming your PIN within a couple of minutes of joining, please drop us an email to and we will sort it. Please note that we can only offer this service during normal working hours.

Q. I have a comment about Bardello regarding something that I didn't like, how should I make my feelings known?

The first thing to do is to speak with the duty manager. During the hours that we are open, there is always a duty manager available for you to discuss any issues that you might have. In all cases, without exception, the duty manager will deal with issues in strict accordance with your Bardello Terms and Conditions, any notices on the Members Notice Board & around the venue together with these FAQs.

After this, if you feel that you require more explanation then please drop an email to:

Please note: Do not publicly post negative or defamatory remarks on social media sites as this could lead to a situation of libel or defamation and your membership being cancelled.

Q. How do I cancel my membership?

You do this yourself. You contact your bank and cancel your Bardello Direct Debit instruction directly with them. Please be aware that your membership finishes and the turnstiles will not recognize your PIN the moment you cancel your Bardello Direct Debit instruction. For the avoidance of doubt, if you cancel your Bardello Direct Debit instruction on 17th of the month, your membership ceases on the 17th of the month and the turnstiles will not recognize your PIN or card as from the 17th of the month - therefore, please time your Bardello Direct Debit instruction cancellation with care. There is no other way to cancel; we cannot do it for you and you cannot do it by verbal, email or postal correspondence with us.



Q. When are the Bardello membership payments taken?

The joining fee and the pro-rated monthly membership fee for the first month are taken together, securely, on-line by Sagepay at the time of joining. You use your debit or credit card for this.

The on-going monthly membership fee is taken monthly by Direct Debit on or as reasonably close to the first working day of each month as possible, but never before.

There are no other payment options.

Q. I have new bank details, how do I update my Direct Debit with you?

You do this yourself.

You will need to contact your bank with whom you have your current Bardello Direct Debit instruction and they will do it all for you.

PLEASE NOTE: You cannot change your bank details on or after the 24th of the month; you will have to wait until we have taken the next payment (which will be taken on the first working day of the following month) before instructing your bank to change your details. If you change your bank details on or after 24th of the month, your payment will fail and you will have to re-join and pay the joining fee.

All banks offer the moving of Direct Debit instructions - it's quick and easy and far less error-prone than setting up a new Direct Debit mandate yourself!

The only other way to change your bank details is to cancel your current Direct Debit instruction, thereby cancelling your Bardello membership, and re-joining using your new bank details. In this case, you will need to pay the re-joining fee. If you do this, you will need to leave one working day between cancellation and re-joining.

Q. I wish to make my initial payment by debit card but want my Direct Debit payments to be taken from a different bank account, can I do this?

Yes you can. The payments are taken using two independent systems; Sagepay take the initial card payment on our behalf and we take the Direct Debit payments using Bardello's own system.

Q. Can I change the date when the Bardello Direct Debit payment is taken as I don't get paid until the 15th of each month?

I'm afraid not. We take all monthly Direct Debit membership payments on the first working day of each month.

Q. Oops, I cancelled my Direct Debit by mistake, what do I do?

You correct this yourself.

IMPORTANT: You will need to do this yourself within two working days of cancellation, we cannot help nor can we do it for you.

From the exact time that you cancel your Bardello Direct Debit instruction, your Bardello membership ceases and the turnstiles will not recognize your PIN.

As soon as you realize that you have cancelled in error, but no later than two working days, or within two working days of the automated cancellation email from us being sent to you, you need to re-instate your Direct Debit instruction with us.

You do this yourself by contacting your bank and requesting that they re-instate the cancelled Bardello Direct Debit instruction.

Regardless of what your bank initially says, all banks can do this Direct Debit re-instatement for you immediately and automatically via the BACS system (Ask to speak to the call-centre supervisor if your first contact at your bank claims that they cannot do this).

You will need to allow two working days after you re-instate your Bardello Direct Debit instruction for your PIN or card to be recognized once again at the Bardello turnstiles. We cannot allow access to Bardello beforehand.

If you leave it any longer than two working days to re-instate your Bardello Direct Debit instruction, you will have to re-join and pay the joining fee.

Q. Oops, upon re-reading your terms and conditions, I realize that I have cancelled my Direct Debit too early, I should have waited until the end of the month and then cancelled it, what can I do?

You correct this yourself.

IMPORTANT: You will need to do this yourself within two working days of cancellation, we cannot help nor can we do it for you.

From the exact time that you cancel your Bardello Direct Debit instruction, your Bardello membership ceases and the turnstiles will not recognize your PIN. You need to have a valid Direct Debit instruction with us in place at all times whilst you are a Bardello member, regardless of the fact that you have 'paid for the month'.

As soon as you realize that you have cancelled too early, but no later than two working days, or within two working days of the automated cancellation email from us being sent to you, you need to re-instate your Direct Debit instruction with us.

You do this yourself by contacting your bank and requesting that they re-instate the cancelled Bardello Direct Debit instruction.

Regardless of what your bank initially says, all banks can do this Direct Debit re-instatement for you immediately and automatically via the BACS system (Ask to speak to the call-centre supervisor if your first contact at your bank claims that they cannot do this).

You should then leave your Bardello Direct Debit instruction in place until the date from which you no longer wish to remain a Bardello member and on this date contact your bank and request cancellation.

You will need to allow two working days after you re-instate your Bardello Direct Debit instruction for your PIN or card to be recognized once again at the Bardello turnstiles. We cannot allow access to Bardello beforehand.

If you leave it any longer than two working days to re-instate your Bardello Direct Debit instruction, you will have to re-join and pay the joining fee.

Q. Oops, my monthly Direct Debit payment bounced, what do I do?

You correct this yourself.

You will receive an automated email from us as soon as the bank notify us of the bounced Direct Debit payment. At this point the turnstiles will not recognize your PIN.

The automated email will describe the process in detail that you will need to follow in order to remain a member.

Please note that we cannot allow entry to Bardello until we have received payment.

Please also be aware that we can do this on only one occasion; any further occasions and you will need to re-join.

Q. Oops, I've received an email from you saying that my Bardello Direct Debit setup has failed, what do I do?

Oh dear, this means that you gave us incorrect bank details when you joined.

As a result of this, your Bardello membership will have ended and the Bardello turnstiles will not recognize your Bardello PIN or Bardello membership card.

If you wish to remain a Bardello member, you will have to re-join on line and pay the joining fee.

Q. I joined Bardello a week ago and need to change the bank details that I gave you. I have spoken to my bank who say that no Direct Debit instruction for Bardello has been set up, so they can't change it. What do I do?

All Direct Debits for new members are set up on or shortly after the 25th of each month. You will therefore have to wait until after the 25th of the month to be able to change the bank details associated with your Direct Debit.

You will need to contact the bank that issued you with the account number and sort code that you wish to change. You need to contact them directly yourself; we cannot do this for you.

You will also need to have successfully changed the bank account number and sort code before the Direct Debit payment is taken on the first working day of the following month otherwise your payment may fail and your Bardello membership will end.

Q. I have only got my credit/debit card to hand and not my bank details. Can I sign up now, pay the initial fee and start training and give you my bank details later?

We are very sorry, but you cannot. Right from the very moment that you join, the Bardello billing system requires that you have the account number and sort code of a valid UK bank account from which we can take the Direct Debit payments.

Q. My husband and I have been members of Bardello for several years and are on a joint membership, I wish to cancel, but my husband wished to stay, what do we do?

This is no problem, but you will need to contact us first at before you cancel your Bardello Direct Debit instruction; otherwise both of your memberships will be cancelled and your husband will need to pay the re-joining fee in order to stay.

It is our intention in the near future to convert all couples memberships to individual memberships - we will keep you posted.

Q. I joined Bardello on the 4th of the month, it's the 23rd and the Bardello Direct Debit has not been set up yet, is there a problem?

Don't worry, there is no problem. The new Bardello Direct Debit instructions are all set up with your bank in one job-lot on the 25th (or closest working day after) of each month ready for the first payment which will be taken on the first working day of the next month.

Q. I forgot to cancel my membership at the end of the month and have been charged for another month, can I have a refund?

We are very sorry, this is not possible. The whole membership process is automated - this means that we can keep our prices really low - we have no magic buttons to refund or to allow those that have cancelled through the turnstiles.

Q. My bank has suspended my account due to possible fraud, can I transfer money directly to you?

Yes, but only if you transfer your monthly subscription money to us no more than two working days after the due date and you immediately email us at telling us that you have done so. You may only do this once during your membership.

If your Direct Debit payment bounces or your Direct Debit instruction is cancelled for any reason, including fraud, you will immediately receive an email from us letting you know what to do and detailing our account number and sort code. You should follow the instructions in the email, otherwise, your only option will be to rejoin when your bank account is released from being on stop.

Q. I believe that Bardello has taken a payment in error, what do I do?

Taking payments in error is almost unheard of at Bardello as the membership/payment system is completely automated and has been for many years. If you genuinely believe that a mistake has been made, please email us at

Please Note: Do not institute a BACS Direct Debit Indemnity Claim (DDIC) - an immediate refund done by your bank at your request - as the first thing that you do. The Direct Debit guarantee scheme requires that you give us reasonable opportunity to correct or explain the situation before you issue a DDIC. Where possible, we challenge all DDICs through the banking system. In addition, as a result of the DDIC and regardless of the outcome, the Bardello membership system will immediately cancel your membership and not allow you to re-join in the future.

End of FAQs