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Jeremy Frost and his co-workers removed the bar and dismantled the spa area during November 2015. This went very smoothly indeed. On this little outing, well in excess of £35,000 was spent on; functional training equipment like a 15ft TRX rig, professional boxing frame; colossus punch bags; enormous numbers of kettle bells, medicine balls, sand bags etc; a dozen or so pieces of top-of-the-range Life Fitness Olympic free weight machines. Old friends were back again – Andy and his colleagues from ALG Audio and Lighting extended the lighting trusses and Jamie from JG Flooring laid the new rubber flooring in the free weights area.

Bardello Bar Gone! style=

The bar that had been with me since the beginning finally had to go leaving a pleasant void. The treadmills will be moved onto the dance floor and functional training equipment will fill this whole area.

Bardello functional training area where the bat had been

Unbelievable, this is a view from the same vantage point as the photo above. The removal of the curtains and the introduction of some natural light has made a huge difference.
You will notice that the treadmills have been moved onto the dance floor and the cross trainers and bikes moved further forward on the dance floor to make room for the functional area. The loss of about 2m of dance floor has caused some members to complain bitterly and most vociferously about loss of floor area. The truth is, the numbers partaking in the exercise to music sessions has been steadily decreasing, whilst the numbers using the gym and CV equipment has increased.

Bardello Windows

The removal of the curtains, originally thought necessary to reduce internal echo, has achieved two things; the introduction of natural light in the new functional area and welcome visibility from outside - it's just such a shame we have no passing trade!

Where you have the option, always buy branded products that have stood the test-of-time rather than cheaper versions. We bought some equipment that was not cheap but equally not the best. They were replaced very quickly with the best. Don't be tempted, you have been warned!

Bardello Promo

Gym, November 2015

Bardello Promo

Still fun at Bardello. We regularly host charity events and have on occasion been known to provide live music for our exercise sessions. This one featured the band, Coyote, who performed for us in July 2015.

Bardello Promo

The big screen showing BT Sport, January 2016

When I look at Bardello now, and having been a competitive bodybuilder, gym instructor and personal trainer for over 30 years, the venue and equipment is genuinely fabulous. And at £14.99 it’s incredible. The challenge for me now, is to get the word out. Despite spending on average about £5,000 per month on advertising during the summer of 2015, there are still far too many local people that have never heard of us. I am constantly hearing the words, “Until last week I’d never heard of you.” I do wonder how well ‘traditional’ advertising works in this Internet-connected day. I think I need to research ways in which I can get something to go viral; maybe a YouTube video of Bardello functional area fails – TRX fails are the funniest; “It was my intention to end on my back, stargazing, honest”, closely followed by plyo box misses; “I did it OK last Saturday, you know”.

Try not to be too entrepreneurial and don't re-invent the wheel. I am realizing that the best thing to do in business is to effectively copy what the other successful businesses do; just do it a bit better, a bit cheaper or perhaps a bit differently - but only a bit, mind, there's only so much of your business being different that the average person can take.

To be continued as we move on...

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