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06:00 - 22:00

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If you’ve lost the plot, here’s where we stood as of 1 December 2010:
  • 30 leaking pipes

  • Water Board refusing to send someone out as it’s not an emergency and they are very busy

  • Holes in roof

  • Huge holes in ceiling

  • Old floor removed

  • New floor in 'storage' in the main area; cannot be laid until roof leaks have been stopped

  • Ladies toilets damaged

  • Bungalow virtually destroyed

  • 'Interesting' and intense conversations with builder and roofer no end to the roof leaks in sight

  • Insurance company being difficult as it becomes apparent that I can't co-ordinate all the trades myself - start pulling my hair out

  • All my hair gone, started pulling teeth out

Something I wish that I had known: Get your insurance company to agree to engaging a master contractor. Coordinating the efforts as well as humouring the whims of builders, roofers, plumbers, floorers, electricians etc, etc, is a professional job. Don’t do it yourself, I tried and due to lack of experience, I was giving wrong and misleading instructions to the various trades that ended up in me engaging workers in areas that the insurance ended up not covering.

New Floor at Bardello

Buckets galore! We are at standstill. It's mid December 2010, we are still dripping and nobody is talking!

We had to open during the 1st week in January 2011 otherwise we were out of business as this is the busiest time for the fitness industry - it’s a make or break period. 20 December 2010 with the roof still leaking in two places, I gave the go-ahead for the new floor to be laid. It was a huge risk, but one that I had to take. Christmas Eve 2010 and the new floor is down, with a protective cover over. The roof still leaks!

New floor at Bardello

The new floor protected by a clear cover. Sheets and buckets under areas that either still leaked or were notorious for leaks. 24 December 2010

In exasperation, I call another local roofer who sees my plight, takes pity and is up on the roof in the snow on 26 December. He fixes the worst leak and advises not to touch the other as it’s only slight. Insurance won’t cover this as it’s not pre-authorized and I did not get a receipt. Can’t be bothered to argue - I’m just glad that, with the aid of a towel stuffed in the ceiling, we are dry and will be opening for business!

New Floor at Bardello

Gary sanding the new floor: 27 December 2010

New Floor at Bardello

A final coat of polish. Note the suspended towel - we still have dripage: 30 December 2010

New Floor at Bardello

I took life in my hands by laying the new floor with the roof still dripping. Here a wet patch is seen on new plaster. Three Hail Marys, two Our Fathers and a Glory Be did the trick! : 30 December 2010

New Floor at Bardello

A final coat of polish. Note the suspended towel - we still have dripage: 30 December 2010

A last look at Bardello

Towels hidden, new paintwork on the ceiling, breathing a sigh of relief. Ready for opening: 4 January 2011.

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